Nhung hươu bao nhiêu tiền 1kg, tác dụng gì, có tốt không?

Deer antler velvet, also known as An Long Chau, Quan Loc Velvet, Hoang Mao Velvet, etc., is a rare medicinal herb that can support muscle strength, keep the mind at ease, lower blood pressure, and increase stamina. heart contractions and many other effects. However, deer antler velvet also has some unwanted effects that can be dangerous for some users.
What is deer antler?

Other names: Ban long…

Deer antler velvet, also known as An Long Chau, Quan Loc Velvet, Hoang Mao Velvet, etc., is a rare medicinal herb that can support muscle strength, keep the mind at ease, lower blood pressure, and increase stamina. heart contractions and many other effects. However, deer antler velvet also has some unwanted effects that can be dangerous for some users.

What is deer antler?

  • Other names: Ban long Chau, Quan Loc velvet, Hoang Mao velvet, Blood velvet
  • Scientific name: Cervus nippon Temminck
  • Family: Deer – Cervidae

Deer are animals that eat grass, fruit, young leaves. This is an animal that is not afraid of people and can go down to the field at night to eat rice, corn, and beans. In Vietnam, deer are commonly found in the North and are at high risk of extinction due to over-hunting.

Deer, male elk from 3 years of age onwards horns or velvets are harvested for medicinal purposes. Commonly used types of Locusts include:

  • Blood velvet: It is a short, soft, blood-rich, unbranched velvet. This is considered the most precious velvet and has special high medicinal properties.
  • Saddle velvet: It is a young horn that has just begun to branch, but the branches are still short, the side branches are long and short like a saddle. This is also a rare medicinal herb. Therefore, when harvesting needs time, if the velvet grows into horns, it is less valuable to use.

Identifying characteristics of deer antler

Deer are small mammals belonging to the ruminant family. Deer are usually about 0.72 – 1 meter tall, about 0.9 – 1.2 meters long. The fur is pinkish red, smooth with many white spots.

The deer is larger, stronger than the deer, has stiffer fur, is gray, brown, and has no spots.

Both of these animals have long and small legs, short tails, large eyes, and many dark spots under the eyes. Only males have horns and are used to make the medicinal herb Loc velvet.

How to prepare deer velvet

Every year at the end of summer, deer and deer horns will fall off, and next spring will regrow. The outer surface of the horn usually contains many light brown hairs, and the inside contains many blood vessels.

The velvet season of deer and deer is in February – March. People often go hunting in this season to get high quality Locust velvet. However, the current demand for velvet is increasing, so some places in our country such as Nghe An and Ha Tinh have kept deer in captivity for sawing horns for consumption.

When sawing deer velvet, deer need to cut from a place 3-4 cm from the bottom of the velvet. The bleeding can be collected and added to alcohol to enhance physiology. If you want to stop the blood from flowing, mix it with charcoal and then apply it to the saw. Then use a cloth to cover it to avoid insects.

Herbal preparation Deer Antler Velvet:

  • But when cutting, it needs to be processed immediately because there is a lot of flesh and blood, and it is easy to stink and worms if left for a long time. There are many ways to make velvet, including:
  • Dip the whole pair of velvets in wine for one night. When soaking, the cut should be facing up to avoid the good substances in the velvet from dissolving into the wine. The next day, roast the sand until it is hot, just put it in a tube and put it in the middle of the velvet pair, still facing the cut. If the sand is cold, replace it with new sand. Each time you change the sand, dip the velvet in the wine to let the wine in. Keep doing this until it’s completely dry. There are places to replace sand with roasted rice. After drying, use this rice to cook porridge and eat.
  • Soak wine in velvet and then dry. Dry again soaked in alcohol and dried. Do this until the velvet is completely dry. However, when preparing, care should be taken not to crack or bleed, making the velvet lose its value.
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Each velvet processing takes about 2-3 days. A pair of velvets of about 800 g can yield about 250 g of medicinal herbs.

Chemical composition in deer antler

In deer velvet, deer contain the main chemical components such as:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Calcium Phosphate
  • Protid
  • Gelatin
  • Hormones (testosterone, pentocrin…)
  • More than 17 kinds of Amino Acid

What is the effect of deer antler?

Taste: According to the Kinh: Temperament, sweet taste. According to Mong Toan Manuscript: Temperament, sweet-salty, non-toxic.

Quy Kinh: According to the Preliminary Manuscript: Entering the determination of yin, lack of yin, lack of yin, hand of determination. According to Lei Gong, the preparation of medicinal properties is calculated: Referring to the Kidney and Can Sutras.

According to modern medicine:

  • The effect of strengthening, reducing fatigue, improving concentration, improving sleep, increasing appetite, improving malnutrition and protein metabolism disorders.
  • Increases blood flow in the coronary arteries through the heart, helps the heart contract stronger, strengthens the heart, helps the heart beat slower.
  • Strengthens the immune system, increases red blood cell count, hemoglobin and red blood cell proliferation, white blood cell increase.
  • Anti-ulcer effect.
  • Birth hormones cause rapid increase in weight and height.
  • Increases the recovery of broken bones and helps open wounds heal faster.
  • The drug is not toxic, can be used gastric pump 40 g / kg.

According to traditional medicine:

  • According to the Ban Kinh: The owner of gonorrhea lowers evil blood, produces slag, strengthens gas, and reduces heat.
  • According to Pharmacopoeia: To nourish men with cold backs, weak legs and knees, dream semen, sperm secretion, women with gonorrhea.
  • According to Danh Y Bi Luc: Nourishing bones, treating tuberculosis, malaria, emaciation, back pain, low back pain, blood failure, numbness in hands and feet, blood tumor in the abdomen, ureteral lithotripsy, cancer, heat in the bones.
  • According to Nhat Hoa Tu Manuscript: Supplement damage, strengthen tendons and bones, secure pregnancy, lower qi, destroy blood stasis.
  • According to the Manuscript Cuong Section: Generate sperm, nourish blood, replenish marrow, strengthen tendons and bones, benefit yang, treat dysentery, dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus.
  • According to the Great Dictionary of Chinese Medicine: Replenish Qi and blood, strengthen tendons and bones, strengthen Yuanyang, and benefit glass.
  • According to the Preliminary Manuscript: The Bhikkhu has a bad taste in the cold, the destiny gate does not have fire, and eats erratically.

Dosage, how to use deer antler

Loc velvet is not put in the decoction, only powdered, mixed with drinking water. Can be used alone or in combination with other drugs.

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Recommended dosage: 1.2 – 4 g per day.

Some remedies using deer antler

1. Treatment of dark face, depleted semen, ringing in the ears, dizziness, dry mouth, red back, cloudy urine, on apples under cold

Using Loc velvet, Duong Quy, both soaked in alcohol, in equal quantities, ground into a fine powder. Use O mai meat cooked into high, mixed with powdered medicine to make a complete member. Drink 8 – 12 g each day for rice water.

2. Treatment of impotence, weakness, frequent urination, not eating well

Use Deer Antler Velvet 20 – 40 g soaked in wine for 7 days, drink gradually.

3. Treatment of crude serum, fever in the afternoon, sweating a lot, nervousness, fear, fatigue in limbs

Using Deer Antler (distilled with wine), Phu Tu (grated), each flavor is 40g, ground into a fine powder, divided into 4 parts. Use 10 slices of Sinh Khuong again, decoction of water, drink with medicinal powder while still warm.

4. Cure kidney yang deficiency, sperm loss causing impotence, spermatogenesis, spermatogenesis, back pain, knee pain, knee fatigue, ringing in the ears, dizziness in the head

Use Loc velvet, Ginseng, Goji berry, Thuc Dia, Phu Tu, powder, make a complete member, drink.

5. Cure a lot of urine, impotence

Use Loc velvet star with alcohol, grind into powder. Drink 0.8 – 1.2 g each time with 20 g of ginseng decoction.

6. Cure women due to fire failure causing infertility, gonorrhea

Use Loc velvet 40 g, Thuc Dia 80 g, Nhu Dung Dung 40 g, O Thiet bone 40 g ground into powder. Take 8-12g per day.

7. Cure women with contraband

Use Loc velvet 1g, A Giao, Duong Quy, each 12g, O Thiet bone 20g, Bo Hoang 20g, ground into powder. Drink 2 times a day, 4 g each time with warm wine.

8. Cure children with growth retardation, rickets, and malnutrition

Use 1 – 2.5 g Loc velvet powder for oral use.

9. Use to promote health, cure anemia, headache, tinnitus, dizziness

Use Loc velvet 200 g ground into a fine powder. Drink 1 time per day, each time 1-3g.

10. Used to replenish blood for people with anemia, headache due to cold damage, fear of cold

Use Loc velvet 30g, soaked with alcohol, dried. Add 500g Longan, 150g Hoang Ky, grind into a fine powder, practice with honey to make a complete member. Drink 2 g per day with warm boiling water.

11. Cao Loc velvet strengthens bones and supports sexual development

Use Loc velvet 30g, Ginseng 10g, ground into a fine powder. Again use Deer 100g, Duong Quy 45g, Hoang Ky 90g, sharpen 3 times, mix 3 water together, discard the residue. Mix with Loc velvet powder, add honey, practice into high. Take 5 ml each time, 2-3 times a day.

12. Support yang, cure spermatogenesis, spermatogenesis, impotence

Use 50g deer antler, soaked in alcohol, dried, ground into a fine powder. Again use Red Ginseng 100g, Duong Quy 100g, Hoang Ky 250g, Ginseng yang or 250g, Bach Thuoc 250g, ground into fine powder. Mix the herbs together. Drink 5g each time, take medicine with alcohol, drink 2 times a day.

13. Loc velvet soaked in wine improves health, cures sperm, sperm, back pain, knee fatigue, women with bleeding, menorrhagia, bad breath.

Use 6 g of Loc velvet, 30 g of medicinal paint, 500 ml of white wine, soak for 10-15 days to be used. Drink 2 times a day, 10 – 20 ml each time.

Or you can soak 20 g of Loc velvet, 90 g of Cordyceps with 1,500 ml of white wine, soak continuously for 15 – 30 days. Drink 2-3 times a day, 10 ml each time.

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Nhung retired how much money 1 kg, 1 tael?

has aggregated prices from more than 10 leading units specializing in selling deer velvet in Vietnam today. Let’s refer to offline:

  • Saddle deer velvet (Premium grade 1 fresh deer antler velvet) currently usually weighs from 300g to 800g per pair.
  • The price of fresh deer antler velvet in 2017 ranges from 1,200,000 VND to 1,400,000 VND/1 tael. This is the best velvet, so the price is quite high. Type 2 fresh deer antler velvet is a type of velvet buds that begin to branch 2 with a weight of 500g- 1000g per pair. The price of fresh deer velvet, grade 2, ranges from 1,100,000 VND to 1,300,000 VND/1 tael.
  • Grade 3 fresh deer antler velvet is branched and hard, suitable for drying or soaking. With a weight of 800g-1500g, the price is from 1,100,000 VND – 1,300,000 VND/1 tael

Please note that there are already on the market fake fresh deer velvet It looks quite similar to real deer velvet but has a much cheaper price than genuine high-end deer velvet. Customers should learn carefully about the product, quality, origin, customer evaluation before ordering the product so as not to lose money.

Note when using deer velvet

Deer antler It is a rare medicinal herb with many health benefits. According to Oriental medicine Loc, the sweet taste, the temperate properties have the effect of nourishing the blood and regulating the body. However, according to scientists, the effects of medicinal herbs, especially the effects on male physiology, are still unclear. Therefore, before using it, it is necessary to consult a professional for specific instructions.

Some subjects should not use Deer Antler Velvet to avoid health effects, including:

  • Pregnant women, lactating women and children.
  • Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart valve stenosis, kidney inflammation, hot blood, boils, itchy sores, chronic diarrhea.
  • People who are seriously ill, have digestive disorders do not use.
  • People with respiratory diseases, bronchitis, coughing up yellow sputum, infectious diseases should not use.

In summary, deer antler velvet can support muscle strength, help keep the mind at ease, lower blood pressure, increase heart contractility and many other effects. Although it is a precious medicinal herb, deer velvet also brings many risks when used. Before use, consult your doctor for specific instructions.

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